Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anatomy Sketches 05

Just posting some art I did and never got around to scanning!

Most of this is art from Andrew Loomis' book Figure Drawing for all it's Worth with a few dog studies in there (I was house sitting two big dogs at the time!).

This new picture formatting thing is bugging me. If it aint broke, don't break it!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A couple of sketches

Just a couple of pretty insignificant drawings I did sitting on my bed. This was just after I went and saw Avatar, which is a great movie. I was prepared to be let down by the hype, but even though the larger plot was a little predictable in places I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. Although it's probably not a new one, I loved the concept of using real bodies as avatars and how your 'virtual' life (although not so virtual I guess if you are using flesh bodies?) could easily become preferable to your real one. Hmm..

Friday, December 18, 2009


Description from

"The Surveyor

The Surveyor is a being of unknown origin an age. It appears, at least here on this planet, to resemble a woman of around 30, though eyewitness accounts vary.

The first account of her is marked as her appearance in times square, but theories abound that she actually started her survey well before this, simply in a less-obtrusive manner.

Different populations have regarded her from everything as an alien to an angel. The reality seems to be more complex. She seems to be a representative of a multi-dimensional population. She appears at random all over the planet, and speaks to representatives of the human population about everything from the mundane ("What kind of spices do you put in your soup?") to the highly theoretical.

At first it was assumed that there were thousands of surveyors, since near-simultanous conversations were reported all across the globe, but once a compiled list of known conversations had been made, it was apparent that two never occured at the same time - there was always a .0005 second delay between one sighting and the next.

Conventional weapons were found useless on the surveyor and once the reigning govermental bodies declared her to be benign, she was granted almost complete access to any knowledge on Earth. She could, after all, appear anywhere at any time - including in the middle of a hidden nuclear facility. Withholding information was deemed useless.

No one knows why she is here. When asked, she simply says 'for the survey', hence the formal title that has been given her.

They expect her to interview every living being on the planet capable of speech before she disappears.

So far 14.7 million interviews have been reported.

When will she speak with you?"
The one on the left was me developing my idea. I wanted her to have traits that might be comparable to an alien or an angel, so she has alien like glasses (perhaps to conceal her identity or protect her eyes from earth's bright sun?) and she will be mostly white (white hair, clothes etc) so one might mistake her for an angel. I also put a bit of boofy hair on top for a halo effect but decided to get rid of it, so she looked a little more cool and not quite so formal.

I hope I fixed the anatomy a little too but it's nowhere near done (she'll have more clothes and some shoes etc). She's supposed to be in crowd of people, possibly looking for her next interviewee.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Anatomy Sketches 04

More anatomy.. this time taking a lesson from Loomis's book, Drawing the Head and the Hands.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

CHOW #182 rough and Hand Studies

Posting a sketch for CHOW #182- The Morrigan


The Morrigan is ‘The Phantom Queen’ of Irish Celtic legend. Associated with death, prophecy, sovereignty she would appear to heroes when their life was in mortal danger. She appeared to CĂș Chulainn ( from last week’s CHOW ) as an apparition of three crones, and her symbol, a black crow or raven appeared at his death. But she is more commonly seen as a beautiful and terrible woman with long wild hair. As a shape shifter she could also take on other animal forms. In mythology she is often seen as what is known as a ‘triple goddess’, incorporating ‘the crone, the mother and the maiden’, common across many cultures.

The Morrigan was once mistaken to be a banshee, the female spirit of ill omen and death, but she is more complicated than that. She is not a spirit but a goddess. Your task is to provide your personal interpretation of The Morrigan. Keep her in the mythical past, so no updating, but feel free to portray her as either terrible goddess, crone, mother or maiden. However, because of her associations with ‘battle and death’, you might do well to keep these aspects in mind when designing her.

I was going to have her washing Cu Chulainn's broken and bloodied armor in a stream but this sketch didn't go anywhere at all. She was going to be young and beautiful but haggard and dirty, since she was both desirable to men but often appeared to people as an old crone. Anyway I won't go into much depth since the sketch isn't really worthy of any lengthy description.

The other sketch is just some hand studies.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CHOW #181 Entry and WIP

Here's my WIP and final entry for CHOW #181. My entry is pretty unpopular again just gotta keep practicing I guess! Develop a nicer style? I think maybe less blurry and more refined?

I had some problems with the colours on this, I was working in Photoshop with "Proof Colours" checked which was the wrong thing to do, they looked good on my monitor but exported really dark in jpeg format.