Monday, May 31, 2010

Bush Babies Released: Australian Kangaroo

How exciting, I just read that in June The Perth Mint will be releasing the first coin in the Bush Babies series. The series was designed by yours truly, but not without the feedback and support of the some other great people at the Mint of course! Talisman coins has done a much longer write up on the series here although I would like to correct that I was previously located in Perth and have now relocated to Melbourne.

Below is the the first coin to be released, a red kangaroo joey. There will be a total of five coins in the series and a box is available in which to display them all. You can get some idea of what the other designs will be like from the packaging images available here.

These were a lot of fun to illustrate. I love digital illustration and animals so it was a really enjoyable project for me. I hope people enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Face studies

I pretty much spent the whole day listening to Bobby Chiu's podcasts (thanks for the link Mark ;) ). His personality is something to be inspired by, with that mentality I have no doubt he could succeed at anything- art related or not.

Anyway, here are a few faces I drew while I was listening, the bottom right ones (labelled with nr) were done without any references. Still got a long ways to go but I'm glad I found a new source of inspiration.

Symmetry is something that I can't seem to get right, I'm not really sure how to solve that one just yet.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toned Card

I forgot I did these as well... fun stuff. Riot Art and Craft was selling blocks of A6 random coloured card, I grabbed a nice looking blueish grey and brown pack. I think I'm going to get them bound into a little sketchbook.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Almost forgot the oil painting I did at the royal botanic gardens.. it was all a bit wet and adding detail got really hard. Maybe acrylics are a better idea afterall :P God it was freezing that day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moar catch up

More stuff... this brings us up to date.

Catching up..

Okay it's more like a month and a half! Anyway here's some more... there's some me and Ed collab in here.

Big update incomming...

Wow I haven't updated for what.. a month? Geez where does the time go? I've been in Melbourne for almost 6 months now.. what is going on!?

Anyway I mostly blame my PC which I have been trying to fix (to no avail yet) and due to repeated formats I have been reluctant and too lazy to continually install the drivers for my scanner and tablet. Anyway I decided to do it last night because I have a few days off work which is ample time to tackle the growing pile of artwork that needs scanning. So the next few posts should catch up to where I'm at now.

Sorry for the lack of responses to comments too, that I can't really make an excuse for but I will be replying soon.. I appreciate the feedback.. so thanks guys :)