Thursday, April 8, 2010


I better update this before I get too far behind and too lazy.. Here are some sketchbook pages filled over the few days:

A couple of sketchbook pages. Faces, eyes, gesturals plus some rough looking man on the tram and some noses.

A head, no reference.

I did a sketch a while ago for the Kitsune topic for Character of the Week. I was just playing around with painting the face and then gave up on it.. looks nothing like the original sketch..

More noses and anatomy studies.

B&W sketch of a gun-wielding chick... not sure if I will take it any further. Her static pose is bugging me.

More sketchbook pages, the right one was done on public transport, it's unfortunate that the scary hulking naked dude was actually based on someone. The left one was just some random people around the city and down the bottom are the results of me trying to draw Oddworld characters from memory.. Oddworld was one of my big inspirations for drawing critters and 3D modelling.