Monday, February 22, 2010

CA Sketchmeet Sunday- 21nd of Feb + Face sculpt

Some gesturals from Sunday and some other random things thrown in there. I think the appearance of my quick gesturals might actually be improving.. they look more natural and like real people. I particularly like the old grandma sitting and reading for some reason.

While we were sitting on the pretend grass at the QV building we were thrown comfy beanbags to sit on and a band called Husky rocked up and played in front of us (hence the guy with a guitar in the sketches). I thought that was particularly awesome because stuff like that never happens in Perth. That was the third free performance I'd experienced in a week; the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance on Sunday was of such high quality it felt weird that I wasn't paying for it. Melbourne is awesome.

I took up knoxie's idea to sculpt a part of the face... I kind of made the eye a bit too wide open and huge.. but hey, I actually found myself learning more about the nose and how the cheek attaches to the side of it. Definitely need to study more noses! I guess that will be my next sculpt.

Here are some poorly lit photos of my sculpting..


I haven't been working on a lot else because I have some commission work to do. I'm kind of feeling the effects of not having an income, I need to get a stable job soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random sketches/studies

I rediscovered felt tip pens... all these years I've had them and never really used them, but I appreciate the strong black ink after using a pathetic scratchy ballpoint pen!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Male and female skull comparison

Skull comparison from (Reference). I think I over-exaggerated the differences :P they look like skulls from different species!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Anatomy Sketches 07

Some head studies and stuff. I always have trouble with the shape of the head! I usually make the face too small and low. I want to do some male vs female skull studies soon as well because my females sometimes look masculine and my males look girly.

I painted a skull in watercolour, but again stopped paying attention and went into automatic copy mode.. argh.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The finished family crest and my room

I finished the family crest I was painting for a friend. I've been staring at it too long so I don't know if I like it, but my friend loves it so that's all that matters! :) Apologies for the yellow and muddy photo...

I also have a pic of my little space in Melbourne finally set up. I love my ikea drawing table!!

Daily Sketch Group sketch and Eye Studies

The first pic is just some quick roughs for the Daily Sketch Group topic: "CREEPY HULKING ROBOT HAS SMALL, PALE, HUMAN-LIKE FACE"
The other pics are some studies (of eyes in particular). I tried drawing in pen as knox suggested, it was quite fun actually and is a whole lot cleaner. I'm pretty happy with the eyes (not so much the heads) because most of them are my own, not copied.

CA Sketchmeet Sunday!

Did some gesturals with the group on Sunday :) It was interesting and pretty challenging! We drew people as they walked past the GPO. I tried the suggestion of picking 3 things about a person and then drawing multiple versions of people with the same description. That's why there are a lot of sunnies (it was bright) not because I was trying to avoid eyes (but now that I think of it that's not a bad idea haha)!

Anatomy Sketches 06

More stuff done while I was house sitting... Loomis stuff mixed in with some of my own. Hey the guy on the right of the third pic reminds me of Neko from GTA.. just a fluke unfortunately :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Zoo gesturals and other random stuff

I went to the Zoo with a friend to draw animals. I've never tried to draw subjects that were moving around before, I couldn't believe how challenging it was! Anyway we managed to get really good seats near Tricia (the elephant) who wasn't moving too fast. I'm pretty happy with these! After having so much trouble with the other animals I didn't know if I couldn't product something that looked half decent.

..aand a couple of other random sketches thrown in here.