Sunday, September 12, 2010

C.H.O.W #213 : 8 - Bit character redesign: Splash Woman

Another Character of the Week activity. This time redesigning 8 -bit game characters. Here's my version of Splash Woman from Mega Man 9. I quite enjoyed listening to the music of the level while working on this haha.

and as usual a post of irrelevant spastic scribbly.... goodness? No..

Official Strawberry Swing video

I'm kind of late to see this considering I'm a pretty big fan of Coldplay but I like to think anyone who's into animation or illustration can take something from this (even if you don't like their music). It's a crazy confusing combination of stop motion and traditional animation all drawn on a single rectangle of bitumen. It's cool, creative and you've got to hand it to them for the huge amount of work that went into it.


Monday, September 6, 2010

C.H.O.W #212 The Veteran

My entry for the Character of the Week just passed. The topic:

He has seen a thousand wars... Known as “the Veteran”, some say Battle was his father, War his mother… Scarred by battle, the Veteran is a legend on the battlefield!

I really rushed my entry, submitting it with minutes to spare. I went for a female orc because there were already so many graying men.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Military Unit: Hacker

Hacker Work In Progress

I finished off my hacker character. I imagined it to be better but I had to decide to just finish it at some point. Now I can move onto other things. Critique welcome.

I added a progress animation. I made a lot of changes along the way, I think it's a symptom of poor planning. Taking note of that.