Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Studies/ Thumbnails + Watercolor

 A quote that kinda got me going the other day from How to Sketch with Watercolor:

"I'm a strong believer in practice and hard work as the means to achieving excellence in art. Listening to a lecture, reading books, buying the latest and greatest supplies, cleaning your studio, watching others give demonstrations, anything that doesn't include putting a pencil, pen or brush to paper yourself, doesn't help as much as sitting down and sketching, drawing or painting." -David R. Becker

I spend so much time reading about art, buying supplies and cleaning my studio. I have to spend more time actually doing it... I always find that for me, the most motivational quotes are a lot like Nike's JUST DO IT. Although I find if I get worked up and full of an almost aggressive determination, it's so hard to put that energy into something as passive as drawing. Maybe I need to do something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54UL0xUt8-s XD

On the update.. I've been mucking around with some watercolour quite unsuccessfully, not totally sure yet if it was my fault or the paper.. probably both. I will have another go now that I'm back at home with my art supplies.

I really want to digitally shrink that last guy's eye.. but that defeats the purpose of a pencil sketch argh, digital is so much easier >.> I'm not sure if I will learn more by making mistakes in permanent inks or working on them until they are correct in digital format?

I think my direction for this week is just studying portraits so I can acquire a few more face and features types to draw and also take note of general similarities they have.

I'm gonna shut up now and JUST DO IT rawr!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lil Masterpieces Identity

A logo and stationery concept I've been working on. The web page is still to be sorted out.

Lil Masterpieces "transform(s) your child’s artwork into a beautiful canvas masterpiece ready to hang in your home to cherish forever". The prints are ordered in bulk through schools and the profits contribute to the schools' fundraising efforts.

The colours I chose are bright, energetic and youthful but presented in a clean, sensible way. Hand prints are a symbol of youth, community and creativity and are wrapped around a heart shape showing the caring side of the business's activities.

I had a lot more complicated concepts but I think the simplicity of this one has a more memorable impact.

People practice

I've been doing a fair bit of random art stuff at my parent's country home, including an easter pinata :D . I did these without reference (except for a quick look at army uniforms/firearms) but not without a lot of random chopping and changing of original ideas. Luckily we got hooked up to TV and internet the other day so I can upload these, will scan the others when I get back :)

Yes the girl is zombiefied because I was lazy to tackle her other eye.. for shame :S

Animation of how I kept changing stuff :P


Monday, March 15, 2010

Studies/ Thumbnails

Here we have:

Some thumbnails for CHOW #192 -Atlantean Anarchist t. They didn't go any further as usual : /

Some gesturals from Sunday sketchmeet, some thumbs for a webpage thing I'm working on and finally a pic done with some water in a brush pen (borrowed from Ed).. I need to get one of these, it's awesome. I was thinking of bringing just brushes and water to use on my pen drawings, this is the perfect solution! ..and much more subtle on public transport lol..

Whoo! I have job at EB Games now so I need to start concentrating on art (when I get back from WA) :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mini compositions/ Sketches

I tried to do some black watercolour thumbnails for fun to see if any interesting compositions came out of it. As it turns out, coming up with concepts without direction is quite the challenge. I did like the dragon composition so I was going to take that further but haven't gotten very far as you can see.. I also developed some cyborgish extraterrestrial but I later randomly found something similar on the internet so gave that one up as it obviously wasn't creative enough.

I really want to do some zombies for my portfolio and I've been inspired to do some walk cycles.. so I need to come up with some critters/ characters to model.