Monday, July 26, 2010

One-eyed sketch and father time progress..

Okay no more posts until at least next Monday. I will try to make this a weekly thing.

I'm constantly struggling with motivation and distraction from various sources (#1 being the internet argh! the irony...)... I'm busy organising another attempt to allocate my free time to drawing with a balance of learning, exploring and applying knowledge. I don't want to divulge too much because sometimes I get the impression that when I say things, I'm less likely to actually do them- I'd rather just do them and surprise people with the results.

Just a random sketch of an angry one eyed man.

And another sketch for father time. I tried to tell a story in this one but I realised two things;
1.) This is not a valid entry because half of the character is missing
2.) The challenge ended. What the heck? I thought we at least had until Tuesday mornings? I guess it changed... Oh well.

I wanted it to be a little creepy- old lady dies watching static on a tv, a spilt mug on the floor and a cat that seems to notice. My take on the myth is that father time guides old souls to bodies needing new souls, by then the souls have lost their forms and memories. Father times only collects souls which have died of old age.. the grim reaper collects the souls of people who have died before their time.

I was actually going to do a more character focused design but yeah, the thread closed. So now I'm looking forward to the next challenge "Military Unit: The Hacker".

Friday, July 23, 2010

Starcraft cutouts

Just got a quick (but bad) photo of the cutouts at work. I think later, once SC II is out I'll cut out the space marines face and let children ravage the cardboard :P It does look weird without a face though heh.

Can't wait for my collector's edition! :D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hmm despite several hurdles I think I've actually been kind of productive in the last couple of days. Mind you it did take me until 4am to finish this space marine for the EB store. Again the concept/initial art doesn't belong to me (except for the weird legs and background I had to add to the torso). I've been working on it on and off since about 5pm.. I don't know why it took so long.. I think it's just a lot bigger and more complex than the hydralisk.. still the difference in time to do is huge.

Oh his head is blank because I'm going to cut a hole so people can get their photos taken in the suit lol. I've still got to cut him out and somehow get him to EB :P

I also want to participate in CHOW this round so hopefully I can work this concept for father time into something worthy. I'm going for a classical feel so I can practice realism and flowy cloth. His legs look bizarre.. hopefully I can make them more realistic later on. I think his upper body needs more movement.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Todays scribbles

A few things I drew today.. the faces were looking a lot worse. It's surprising how looking at a totally unrelated face reference can help so much in just getting the proportions right.. I always draw massive eyes >.<

The gladiator slicing someone's butt was unintentional.. but a nice touch I think. Happy accidents.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A into G

Wow over a month without posting. I get distracted way too easily... the little bumps in the road are seeming more like temporary road closures. I'm way behind on emails but I'm getting through them now... I'm sorry!

I haven't really done anything portfolio worthy (since starting this whole endeavor) and I think even though my skills aren't anywhere near where I want them to be... I have to get some portfolio pieces going, because some of the stuff I still have in my portfolio is from 2005 which is more than just terribly embarrassing.

Fortunately the time of year has come where the sale is ending at the game store I work at and it will soon be open to redecoration. As part of that I'm painting a bunch of cardboard cutouts of game characters from existing games and from my own imagination. I'm going to use this as a chance to design some characters that might be worthy portfolio pieces. I had probably better try to do a makeshift redecoration of my website and some business cards in the hope that maybe the cutouts might generate some interest.

Here is my first, a Hydralisk from StarCraft for the upcoming release of the game. This is copied so the art isn't mine.

And I've acquired even more I have all of these random sizes and formats now..  Some of these are really embarrassing. Sometimes I wonder if posting /everything/ is a bad idea.... I guess I have been doing a fair bit, but not learning... just redrawing the same mistakes over and over.