Monday, February 22, 2010

CA Sketchmeet Sunday- 21nd of Feb + Face sculpt

Some gesturals from Sunday and some other random things thrown in there. I think the appearance of my quick gesturals might actually be improving.. they look more natural and like real people. I particularly like the old grandma sitting and reading for some reason.

While we were sitting on the pretend grass at the QV building we were thrown comfy beanbags to sit on and a band called Husky rocked up and played in front of us (hence the guy with a guitar in the sketches). I thought that was particularly awesome because stuff like that never happens in Perth. That was the third free performance I'd experienced in a week; the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance on Sunday was of such high quality it felt weird that I wasn't paying for it. Melbourne is awesome.

I took up knoxie's idea to sculpt a part of the face... I kind of made the eye a bit too wide open and huge.. but hey, I actually found myself learning more about the nose and how the cheek attaches to the side of it. Definitely need to study more noses! I guess that will be my next sculpt.

Here are some poorly lit photos of my sculpting..


I haven't been working on a lot else because I have some commission work to do. I'm kind of feeling the effects of not having an income, I need to get a stable job soon!

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  1. ooooh... nice. :P

    I learnt SO much from doing these. mouths are next for me. :P