Friday, December 18, 2009


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"The Surveyor

The Surveyor is a being of unknown origin an age. It appears, at least here on this planet, to resemble a woman of around 30, though eyewitness accounts vary.

The first account of her is marked as her appearance in times square, but theories abound that she actually started her survey well before this, simply in a less-obtrusive manner.

Different populations have regarded her from everything as an alien to an angel. The reality seems to be more complex. She seems to be a representative of a multi-dimensional population. She appears at random all over the planet, and speaks to representatives of the human population about everything from the mundane ("What kind of spices do you put in your soup?") to the highly theoretical.

At first it was assumed that there were thousands of surveyors, since near-simultanous conversations were reported all across the globe, but once a compiled list of known conversations had been made, it was apparent that two never occured at the same time - there was always a .0005 second delay between one sighting and the next.

Conventional weapons were found useless on the surveyor and once the reigning govermental bodies declared her to be benign, she was granted almost complete access to any knowledge on Earth. She could, after all, appear anywhere at any time - including in the middle of a hidden nuclear facility. Withholding information was deemed useless.

No one knows why she is here. When asked, she simply says 'for the survey', hence the formal title that has been given her.

They expect her to interview every living being on the planet capable of speech before she disappears.

So far 14.7 million interviews have been reported.

When will she speak with you?"
The one on the left was me developing my idea. I wanted her to have traits that might be comparable to an alien or an angel, so she has alien like glasses (perhaps to conceal her identity or protect her eyes from earth's bright sun?) and she will be mostly white (white hair, clothes etc) so one might mistake her for an angel. I also put a bit of boofy hair on top for a halo effect but decided to get rid of it, so she looked a little more cool and not quite so formal.

I hope I fixed the anatomy a little too but it's nowhere near done (she'll have more clothes and some shoes etc). She's supposed to be in crowd of people, possibly looking for her next interviewee.

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