Sunday, July 18, 2010

A into G

Wow over a month without posting. I get distracted way too easily... the little bumps in the road are seeming more like temporary road closures. I'm way behind on emails but I'm getting through them now... I'm sorry!

I haven't really done anything portfolio worthy (since starting this whole endeavor) and I think even though my skills aren't anywhere near where I want them to be... I have to get some portfolio pieces going, because some of the stuff I still have in my portfolio is from 2005 which is more than just terribly embarrassing.

Fortunately the time of year has come where the sale is ending at the game store I work at and it will soon be open to redecoration. As part of that I'm painting a bunch of cardboard cutouts of game characters from existing games and from my own imagination. I'm going to use this as a chance to design some characters that might be worthy portfolio pieces. I had probably better try to do a makeshift redecoration of my website and some business cards in the hope that maybe the cutouts might generate some interest.

Here is my first, a Hydralisk from StarCraft for the upcoming release of the game. This is copied so the art isn't mine.

And I've acquired even more I have all of these random sizes and formats now..  Some of these are really embarrassing. Sometimes I wonder if posting /everything/ is a bad idea.... I guess I have been doing a fair bit, but not learning... just redrawing the same mistakes over and over.

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