Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hmm despite several hurdles I think I've actually been kind of productive in the last couple of days. Mind you it did take me until 4am to finish this space marine for the EB store. Again the concept/initial art doesn't belong to me (except for the weird legs and background I had to add to the torso). I've been working on it on and off since about 5pm.. I don't know why it took so long.. I think it's just a lot bigger and more complex than the hydralisk.. still the difference in time to do is huge.

Oh his head is blank because I'm going to cut a hole so people can get their photos taken in the suit lol. I've still got to cut him out and somehow get him to EB :P

I also want to participate in CHOW this round so hopefully I can work this concept for father time into something worthy. I'm going for a classical feel so I can practice realism and flowy cloth. His legs look bizarre.. hopefully I can make them more realistic later on. I think his upper body needs more movement.

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