Monday, March 15, 2010

Studies/ Thumbnails

Here we have:

Some thumbnails for CHOW #192 -Atlantean Anarchist t. They didn't go any further as usual : /

Some gesturals from Sunday sketchmeet, some thumbs for a webpage thing I'm working on and finally a pic done with some water in a brush pen (borrowed from Ed).. I need to get one of these, it's awesome. I was thinking of bringing just brushes and water to use on my pen drawings, this is the perfect solution! ..and much more subtle on public transport lol..

Whoo! I have job at EB Games now so I need to start concentrating on art (when I get back from WA) :D


  1. great sketches!!! there's a creature in the 4th pic that i really like too!

    more more more

  2. Thanks Carl :) Just the motivation I need!

  3. She's in jean shorts carrying a samurai sword.
    Hot. n I learnt a few things from you 'Lise just from those few hours. Awesome.

  4. I thought I replied to this o.o anywho.. I'm glad someone was able to learn something from me! I'm a pretty bad teacher... I don't know what I am doing most of the time and have a hard time explaining it ;P

    Any luck with connecting the hose to the airbush? Maybe we could collaborate on a big airbrushed scifi graffiti mural.. that would be pretty awesome! I know a lil trick for airbrushing stars and galaxies ;)