Tuesday, March 23, 2010

People practice

I've been doing a fair bit of random art stuff at my parent's country home, including an easter pinata :D . I did these without reference (except for a quick look at army uniforms/firearms) but not without a lot of random chopping and changing of original ideas. Luckily we got hooked up to TV and internet the other day so I can upload these, will scan the others when I get back :)

Yes the girl is zombiefied because I was lazy to tackle her other eye.. for shame :S

Animation of how I kept changing stuff :P



  1. Nice value studies. I love doing black and whites, and side lighting setups are fun to figure out.

    http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/2008/05/color-zones-of-face.html is one of my references. (Still trying to figure out face colours ^^)

    Not zombified, but I reckon more Terminator.
    Right arm carrying a heavy weapon Elise, a good time to study foreshortening and biceps. :D

    Have a sweet as WA dreaming. ;)

  2. Thanks Carl! Although no refs for the faces, I noticed it's the same kind of generic faces I tend to keep drawing :/ I'm thinking I might go back to my pencil and eraser.. since I seem to need a lot of revisions heh..

    Thanks Ed, nice reference! That reminds me, I've got to remember to find that book on oil portraits and bring it back... lots of info on skin tones and oil painting in there if you want it.

    You're right... bah, foreshortening is up there with watercolours on the list of things I fear! Well, I guess my next project is a foreshortened person painted in watercolours? D: *head asplodes*

  3. Did I just read "4 short persons drown in watercolours?" or are my eyes playing tricks on me.

    Whatever your nimble fingers are itching to carry over Elise - I'd rather you just brought your surfboard over to Victoria. ;)

    If your in the mood for black and white portrait studies ... http://verdoux.wordpress.com/portraits/ was a nice stumble. I find that when I don't rely on lines to form the face, they come out more real. But yes, I have the some generic face that keeps recurring in both me male and females. ^^

  4. lol! doesn't sound unlikely.
    I'll have another crack at watercolours on watercolour paper to give it a fair shot before I admit defeat for now... ;)

    Nice reference btw, thanks! I'm just realising I really need to just copy some pictures of people. My visual vocabulary for faces/features is really limited and the generic faces is probably a symptom of that >.>